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There's never a dull moment in Richmond with its regular theatre, cinema and countless other organised events and activities
18 Friday 18 Nov, 2022 - Wednesday 7 Dec, 2022

Friday 18 November to Wednesday 7 December


9:00 am

Earth and Sky

Venue: The Station

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What's On


Annette Cole lives on the edge of the Dales. Her love of clay and gardening combine in the creation of bird baths, planters and sculptures, for home and garden, inspired by the amazing scenery and rock formations of the Dales and Northumberland.

Carol Metcalfe has two themes; the landscapes of North Yorkshire; and texture created by leaves and weed seeds. Thus, her ceramic pieces have a strong sense of place. Carol creates her own ash glazes, using waste plant material, collected after harvest on the farm where she lives, near Richmond.

Donna Slyfield has a keen interest in the diversity of landscapes because nothing stays the same in nature; it’s always a different story. The different seasons bring a bounty of wonderful things to see, touch, smell and hear. She describes her work as responsive and intuitive, being in the moment.

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Friday 18 November to Wednesday 7 December

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